Charleston Power Wash is equipped with the knowledge, equipment and experience to clean any surface of your property.    

Below are some examples of our pressure washing services.

Vinyl Siding Cleaning Charleston SC                                                                                                              
A safe low pressure cleaning removed years of mold and dirt from this vinyl siding home.

Vinyl SIding Cleaning Charleston SC

A low pressure cleaning was used to remove the mold from this Hardi Plank home. 
The home looked like it had just been painted after a low pressure cleaning.

Hardi Plank Siding Cleaning

Historic Home Pressure Washing Charleston SC
Charleston Power Wash is proud to be trusted to wash the historic Wickliffe House in downtown Charleston SC. This home was built in 1850.  It is a Charleston favorite for wedding and parties.  Gentle low pressure was used to protect this historic homes exterior and older windows and doors. 

Historic Home Pressure Washing Charleston SCWickliffe House Charleston SC

This home and pool deck had years of mold build-up making the pool deck slippery and dangerous when wet
Our low pressure cleaning made the home and pool deck look like new.

This dryvit was cleaned with low pressure cleaning methods. All the mildew and dirt was gently removed. 

This Summerville business had a build up of mildew, grime and bugs on the exterior. 
We used our low 
pressure soft wash to clean the block building and to make the trim and soffits look
new again.
The curb appeal of this Summerville business has been greatly improved by our cleaning.

Commercial Pressure Washing Charleston SC

Do your gutters have those black streaks that just will not come out?  
Over time gutters can start to discolor and develop black lines or streaks that can not be removed by pressure washing alone.  
Charleston Power Wash has the right cleaners to remove those black streaks and make your gutters look new again

Gutter Whitening Charleston SC

Rust Removal Charleston SC

This driveway had a lot of rust which was safely removed without any damage to the concrete. 
Rust stains can be caused by many things.....Fertilizer, Sprinklers, etc.
Charleston Power Wash uses Professional Rust Removal products to safely restore many surfaces.

Rust Removal Charleston SC

Wood Cleaning Charleston SC

This deck had years of dirt and mold safely removed with a low pressure cleaning.

Deck Cleaning Charleston SC 

Trex Composite Deck Cleaning 
This trex deck looked great after a low pressure cleaning washed away all the mold and stains.
Composite decking can be easily damaged by High Pressure. 

Paver Cleaning Charleston SC
This paver patio was covered in dirt and mold.  After a safe cleaning it is ready to entertain.
Charleston Power Wash can make your paver patio, driveway, or walkways look new again!

Low Pressure House Washing Charleston SC
Here is another example of how our Soft Wash cleaning can make your home look new again!

Deck Cleaning Charleston SC
This deck had years of mold and mildew safely removed.  It looked great after a low pressure cleaning.
Call Charleston Power Wash today to make your deck look great again.

Concrete Pressure Cleaning
This concrete driveway looked great after a pressure cleaning from Charleston Power Wash.

House Washing Charleston SC
This home looked great after the dirt and mold was washed away with a low pressure Soft Wash cleaning.

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