What is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is a low pressure cleaning method used by properly trained pressure washing contractors. This method uses the proper detergents and cleaning agents to kill the mold and mildew at its source. Safe low pressure is used to gently rinse away any surface contaminants from your home or business.  This method is safe for all surfaces and will leave you with a brighter, longer lasting and cleaner property!

Do I have to be home on the day of service?

Although we love to meet our clients and see their happy faces after our cleaning, we understand that most people can not meet us at any time during the day. The majority of our customers are not home. On the day of service, please leave any gates unlocked and make sure all windows and doors are closed.  Please do not park any vehicles near the cleaning areas.
If you have any special requests or concerns, please let us know.

Why should I hire Charleston Power Wash?

Your time is important. We are sure you have better things to do.  
Power Washing is not an easy task.  
What you could spend all weekend on, we can make look great in a couple of hours.  
Spraying water with a pressure washer on slippery ladders is just dangerous.
Our equipment allows most homes to be cleaned from the safety of the ground.
Using too much pressure can damage many different surfaces of your home or business.  
Even small homeowner models can cause damage if used improperly.
Licensed and Insured for your peace of mind.
Continuing Education to stay up to date with latest methods, and cleaners, etc.
Full Time Power Washing Contractor- Power Washing is all we do. 
Top Rated Award Winning Pressure Washing Service.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority!